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P.A.C. Original Multitube tarn (2019) Clothing Scarves

P.A.C. Original Multitube tarn (2019) Clothing Scarves

P.A.C. Original Multitube tarn (2019) Clothing Scarves

Product details

The P.A.C. Inside/Out is thermoregulated using a very thin microfibre. Due to P.A.C.'s special knitting process in combination with the refined microfibre, the cloth absorbs perspiration and moisture well and then releases it immediately back into the environment.

Seamless Stretch
The seamless workmanship makes the P.A.C. Wonder to be worn in many configurations, without ever leaving pressure marks. Problem-free use under a bike or motorcycle helmet is also possible. Due to a specially-developed knitting process, the P.A.C. is highly stretchable and durable.

The thin material makes the P.A.C. The fabric is very breathable and doesn't weigh you down. It is therefore a useful accessory for sports and leisure even on hot summer days.

P.A.C. has also chosen SILVERPLUS, one of the world's leading products for the antibacterial finishing of their cloths. Naturally, P.A.C. also attaches great importance to the use of ecologically harmless materials in this area and thus creates an antibacterial cloth that counteracts the formation of odours and germs.

100 % Microfibre
The P.A.C. Original consists of 100% microfibre, which has noticeable advantages on the skin. P.A.C.'s microfibre is much thinner than a comparable polyester garment and therefore does not weigh down. The comfortably soft feel and the absence of added non-ecological materials such as Elastane or Lycra are particularly important to P.A.C in the neck and head area.

UV & Wind Protection
The P.A.C. Inside/Out is the perfect complement to all weather conditions. The integrated UV & Wind Protection protects the neck and head area during all outdoor activities.


  • Fast-drying
  • antibacterial
  • warm and comfortable


  • Type : all-purpose cloth
  • Season : Year-round items
  • Material : 100% polyester
  • Features:
  • Characteristics:breathable
    , Odour resistant
    , seamless
  • Gender:Unisex
  • Model year: 2019
  • P.A.C. Original Multitube tarn (2019) Clothing Scarves

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